Woman with frozen eyelashes
Credit: Getty Images

You might literally turn into a popsicle if you’re out walking in Russia right now.

In the Russian village of village of Oymyakon, extreme cold temperatures have been recorded to be as low as -78 degrees Fahrenheit, cold enough to give you frostbite in minutes — and to freeze your eyelashes.

Cold winter weather can be dangerous in the first place, but frozen eyelashes can also be a hazard to a person’s sight.

According to Metro, official weather stations registered -74 degrees Fahrenheit, but other local thermometers were as low as -88.6 degrees. This temperature is actually slightly less than the lowest recorded temperature at a permanent settlement anywhere in the world.

The record low for the freezing village was -96.16 degrees Fahrenheit in 1924. Adventurer and photographer Amos Chapple, who visited the village, told the Weather Channel that locals drink “Russki chai” which means “Russian tea,” to stay warm. Russian tea is apparently the colloquial phrase for “vodka.”

Recently, the town was a spot where Chinese tourists braved the extreme cold in order to take a dip in the town’s nearby thermal spring. “Oymyakon” in the local language specifically means “unfrozen water,” which might be a reference to this spring — since pretty much everywhere else around it is frozen solid.

In the summer, however, temperatures are much more bearable. Hopefully everyone’s eyelashes will last until then.