By Nina Ruggiero
November 29, 2019
Courtesy of Amazon

Whether for Instagram or just for the memories, snapping photos is a huge part of taking a vacation. But unless you're a professional, buying an expensive camera — and worse, packing that bulky piece of equipment and then carrying it around as you explore your destination — doesn't always feel worth it.

Luckily, today's smartphones make capturing a trip's best moments pretty easy, and with the right lighting, a photogenic subject, a good eye, and a steady hand, can even make you feel like a pro (we're looking at you, iPhone portrait mode). But if you've ever watched an orange sunset wash over the deep blue Aegean Sea from a clifftop in Santorini or found yourself on the perfectly placed New York City rooftop on a clear night, you know the pain of not being able to fully capture the scene your eyes are witnessing with your measly little phone.

There are many clip-on camera lenses out there that you can attach to your phone for just these moments, but the best-selling one on Amazon is a very affordable lens kit by Xenvo. And it's even more affordable on Black Friday at 20% off.

Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $32 (originally $40)

Xenvo's camera lens kit comes with a 15x magnifying macro lens that's perfect for shooting details if you're say, in a gorgeous field of blooming bluebells in Belgium, and a wide-angle lens that will let you capture 45 percent more in every picture so you can master landscape shots or do that white and turquoise coastline justice right from your beach chair this winter. It also comes with a rechargeable LED GlowClip, you know, like influencers use for food shoots in dark restaurants and the Kardashians use for those oh-so-flattering selfies. Better yet, it all fits inside a compact and durable little case you can pop right into your carry-on. Make sure you book the window seat, by the way, because photo ops don't wait for landing.

The lenses are compatible with iPhone, Android, Samsung, and Google phones and tablets, and make a memorable gift for the traveler and/or wannabe photog in your life (a gift that seems a lot more expensive than it is, if we're being real here).

To see the difference they make for yourself, check out the demo shots (and read over 1,000 top-notch reviews) on