Hanging octopus at a restaurant on Greek island
Credit: Getty Images

To many people, it may come as no surprise that Europe is different than America. The culture is different. The streets are different. The times that people eat are different.

Travelers, however, sometimes forget about those differences while hunting for the closest Starbucks, expecting ice in their glass of water, or begrudgingly paying to use the bathroom.

One redditor recently asked Americans what their “biggest WTF moment” was while in Europe.

The commenters delivered.

One traveler saw a man throw a trident into the sea in Greece and pull out a live octopus.

Americans were aghast at how seriously soccer — or football — is taken across the ocean. When attending a soccer game in Italy, one traveler was shocked that which team you’re rooting for determines where you sit in the stadium. Oh, and also, “people were setting things on fire.”

Others observed that beer is half the price of water in certain parts of the continent.

But there were plenty of lovely takeaways, as well, like one redditor who commented on the sanctity of Sundays in Europe, when practically every establishment shuts down. While in Germany, “the fields were just full of people doing stereotypical free time activities: afternoon strolls, kites and model airplanes, fishing, etc.”

Other Americans were shocked by the preservation of historic buildings in Europe. One commenter was dazzled by a castle in Dover, England.

“The newest section was built like 300-400 years before my country was founded. Turned a corner and the next part was 200 years older than that. Ten minutes later walk up to a Roman light house built 2000 years ago. Daaaammmnnn.”