WOW Airlines
Credit: Getty Images

After WOW air suddenly announced it was ceasing service on Thursday, passengers were stranded around the world with no aircraft or valid plane ticket to get home. The airline’s online statement included no mention of airline refunds or a plan to provide additional help.

After initial frustration, travelers who booked their WOW air flight with Hopper, got some good news. The flight booking and fare analyzer site announced on Twitter that “All Hopper customers who were booked with WOW air will be refunded in full. Hopper will also be paying the full cost of rebooking for all of its stranded passengers in transit.”

Hopper bookers should consider themselves lucky, but for those who booked their flight through another venue, hope isn’t lost. Several airlines have volunteered “rescue” fares to stranded WOW air passengers including Aer Lingus, Icelandair, Norwegian, and Virgin Atlantic.

Prices, flights, and booking restrictions vary by airline, but run from $60 to 25% off publishes fares.

Perhaps most notably, United Airlines – along with its Star Alliance partners – is offering discounted fares for WOW air customers until April 12 for travel through April 30. The Points Guy reports that prices vary by route, but tickets are averaging $250 to $350 for a one-way flight.