You Can Get a Job Running the World's Most Remote Post Office in Antarctica

Job responsibilities include caring for museum artifacts and counting penguins.

Mail delivery sled from the post office in Antarctica
Photo: Courtesy of UKAHT

If you describe yourself as "an individual with a sense of adventure and a genuine love of Antarctica" and you are free next winter, then we have the perfect job for you. A British charity, the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, just launched a search for a team to help run the continent's most remote post office on Goudier Island in Port Lockroy.

The organization accepts applications for three positions: base leader, shop manager, and general assistant, whose main tasks will be to take care of the gift shop and post office, carry out general maintenance, look after a museum, and count penguins as part of efforts to monitor and protect the island's Gentoo colony.

Exterior of the post office in Antarctica
Courtesy of UKAHT

"Given the nature of the day-to-day tasks involved to keep Port Lockroy running smoothly, we look for applicants that can bring a range of skills to the team such as retail experience, heritage, conservation, building maintenance, and leadership or management," the organization's Antarctic operations manager Lauren Luscombe said in a press release.

The team will leave for Antarctica in late October or early November and work at Port Lockroy until March 2023.

Penguins outside of Bransfield House in Antarctica
Courtesy of UKAHT

This is the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the site to close that Port Leroy will be welcoming travelers. During a regular summer season pre-pandemic, about 18,000 people would visit the destination, making the team vital to supporting and maintaining the site.

So what would a summer job in Antarctica look like? The successful candidates will be expected to work seven days a week with fixed days off every two weeks.

"Port Lockroy is in a remote and potentially dangerous place. Unfortunately, we are unable to permit any adventurous recreational activity – sorry, no climbing, watersports, glacier walking etc. Any spare time you may have will be spent following much gentler pursuits such as reading, painting/drawing, photography, cooking, watching wildlife, etc." According to the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust website.

Interior of the post office in Antarctica
Courtesy of UKAHT

Accommodations are described as "basic but comfortable," a hostel-style hut that features bunk beds, a kitchen and living room area, and a bathroom. Since there is no running water on the island, there are no shower facilities, either. Sometimes visiting ships will provide the team with shower facilities, but the organization states that sometimes, employees can go up to two weeks without showering and are expected "to be comfortable living with these limited washing facilities yet still keeping hygiene levels high."

With no Internet access and cell phone reception, you will have very minimal communication with family and friends back home for the duration of the stay.

Penguins in front of the post office in Antarctica
Courtesy of UKAHT

"Each year, we receive hundreds of applications for these positions, and we hope this year will be no different. Our new team will be the driving force behind delivering the 2022/23 season, playing a vital part in once again bringing Port Lockroy and its museum to life for visitors from around the world," said in a press release UKAHT's CEO Camilla Nichol.

Sounds like the perfect job for you? You can read more about the job requirements here and apply until April 25. Interviews will take place online in mid-May.

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