“I threw that sucker across the bed,” she wrote on Facebook.

By Stacey Leasca
July 29, 2019

Something tells us the Hampton Inn misinterpreted what this guest meant when she asked for a wakeup call.

On Friday, traveler Melinda Major said she spent the evening in the Hampton Inn in Memphis, Tennessee. She thought she was checking in for a quiet evening and a lovely morning ahead. That is, of course, until she woke up next to an unexpected visitor — a snake in her hotel bed.

Hotel Bed
Credit: Anne-Sophie Bost/Getty Images

“I'm in Memphis for an appointment and [woke] up in my hotel room feeling something on my arm,” Major wrote in a Facebook post. “I first thought, ‘well it's just my hubby trying to snuggle’ but then quickly realized.. my hubby wasn't with me!”

Major looked over and saw a bright green snake stretched out across her arm. To say she freaked out on the tiny visitor would be an understatement.

“I threw that sucker across the bed against the headboard and stayed on top of the desk until the manager got there to get it,” she wrote. “I'm not scared of many things but snakes, I can't handle.”

Even though the incident wasn’t exactly what she was expecting with her stay, Major added in her Facebook post that she doesn’t blame the hotel.

"It was just really scary! They went above and beyond to help calm me down and they compensated for the issue," she added. "The staff was amazing about the whole incident."

Luckily for Major, the little critter turned out to just be a green garden snake. The garden snake — otherwise known as a garter snake — can only grow up to two or three feet in length. When threatened the snake will release a foul-smelling odor. Though it does have venom in its fangs, it’s only truly lethal for snails and other smaller insects it eats.

Still, we wouldn’t want to wake up next to one either.