Practically nothing can come between humans and “man’s best friend,” whether it’s heat, rain or even icy waters of a frozen lake.

Video captured by Ben West, of East Vancouver, Canada, shows a woman rescuing a dog that fell through the ice on the lake. West himself was walking his own dog at the time and noticed several people calling out to the woman to come back to safety.

“This woman, it wasn't even her own dog, she just started trotting out onto the ice and kind of falling through onto the water,” West told CBC in Canada. “People were kind of cautioning her — ‘Don't do it’ — but she said ‘It's a dog, I have to.’”

In the video, and according to West, the woman can be seen breaking ice and wading through waist deep water to get to the dog, whose name is Tessa. West can also be heard on the video calling out to Tessa to try and encourage her to keep trying to jump out of the water. Poor Tessa was struggling to swim.

The woman miraculously breaks through the ice to reach Tessa and assist her back to the shore. Paramedics were called and both the woman and Tessa were warmed up. Neither suffered any injuries — Tessa even began playing with other dogs after a short while of being toweled off.

West unfortunately did not manage to catch the woman’s name, but he was impressed with her act of heroism.

“It was definitely not what we were expecting when we went out for a walk this morning,” he said. “I was just in shock and really just amazed at this woman's kind of heroic instinct to go do this thing.”