By Andrea Romano
September 27, 2018

Seat mix-ups are a pain on any day, but finding out your seat doesn’t exist is a new kind of headache.

Passenger Satwika Ika found this out earlier this month on a Lion Air, a budget airline out of Indonesia, the New Zealand Herald reported. Satwika was flying to Jakarta with a ticket for seat 35F — but when she boarded her flight, she found the plane had only 34 rows. Row 35 ended up being the plane lavatories.

Satwika posted about he incident on Facebook, the Daily Mail reported, writing that the flight attendants were “rude” and “lacked manners.” To make matters worse, she was not the only passenger to be assigned a nonexistent seat.

The reason for the mix-up seemed to be because of a last minute switch of aircraft. Danang Mandala Prihantoro, Lion Air's corporate communications officer, told the Daily Mail that the original aircraft scheduled for the flight was a Boeing 737-900ER, which has 39 rows.

Luckily, Satwika was given a seat closer to the front of the plane and did not have to take a different flight (or sit in the lavatory, as it were). After her post was shared all over social media, Lion Air issued an apology.