Yoga pose on airplane
Credit: Hans Neleman/Getty Images

Having a little stretch after take-off to walk to the bathroom or just readjust yourself is common. But honestly, it’s an unspoken rule to not overdo it.

Unfortunately, there’s always that one person who doesn’t quite get the memo — like that seatmate who takes off their shoes or eats something smelly.

A woman was spotted on a flight doing a full-on yoga session within the aisles of the plane. The video doesn’t show her impeding any service by the flight attendants, but she is wearing noise canceling headphones — so you have to wonder whether she’s taking other passengers’ comfort into account.

Also you have to wonder how steady her tree pose could possibly be at 30,000 feet.

Some passengers look back at the person taking the video, seemingly irritated, but it’s unclear whether they are annoyed with the person doing yoga or the person taking the video — or, likely, both.

It’s very possible that the woman asked permission of her fellow passengers before she began her yoga session, simply as a courtesy for personal space. The video doesn’t make that clear, but we should give her the benefit of the doubt. Plus, she only did her routine for about a minute.

Doctors suggest getting up and moving during long flights to combat muscle pain, spasms, and serious issues like deep vein thrombosis, so she’s really only following doctors' orders. Still, it might be a good idea to stick to yoga on the ground for the sake of fellow passengers.