A house that has been teetering over the shore of Lake Michigan since 2018 is currently being demolished.

The home, a three-bedroom lakefront house in the Somers area of Kenosha County, Wisconsin, has had a large portion of it hanging over a 50-foot cliff along the shore for over a year, a local CBS affiliate reported. The house had suffered significant damage due to an eroded shoreline.

Back in 2018, the owners moved out after their porch fell off and over the edge of the cliff. Since then, the condition of the house has gotten even worse — parts of the house’s foundation and basement have already fallen into the lake just last month.

Officials decided that there is no other way to save the house and that it needs to be torn down. The station reported that saving the home in any other way would cost “hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Demolishing was already underway by Wednesday. Milwaukee station WTMJ-TV has been broadcasting a live feed of the destruction on its website. Crews have set up a system of buoys and cable wires to keep pieces of the house from falling into the lake.

But these homeowners aren’t the only ones affected by erosion in Lake Michigan.

According to ABC affiliate WZZM, many residents along the shore of the lake have faced damage to their homes due to wind, rain, storms, and effects of climate change. The Great Lakes area was hit by severe storms back in mid-October, causing major erosion to the shoreline.

Residents in Western Michigan, in particular, are looking for ways to protect their homes from damage and stop future erosion as the Wisconsin house is every homeowners worst nightmare.