By Evie Carrick
March 08, 2019
Credit: Chicago Tribune/Getty Images

Spring may be imminent, but winter isn’t over yet. This weekend, a brutal storm is expected to hit the upper Midwest and airlines are working to get ahead of expected delays, grounded planes, missed connections and frustrated passengers.

The four biggest airlines in the U.S. — Delta, United, American and Southwest — are all issuing flexible rebooking waivers for passengers traveling through covered airports in the Midwest. JetBlue and Sun Country are also waiving fees for travelers at some airports.

Waiver details vary by airlines, but most are expected to allow passengers flying through a covered airport to make one itinerary change without incurring a change fee or recalculated fare. USA Today reports that the waivers currently in place cover travel on Saturday and Sunday when weather is expected to be at its worst.

Delta’s flexible waiver is the largest, covering 26 airports in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota. United’s policy covers 19 airports and American’s 16, all in the same upper Midwest area. Southwest is covering all Saturday and Sunday flights from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago and Milwaukee, and both JetBlue and Sun Country are covering Minneapolis/St. Paul.

According to, the storm, dubbed “Winter Storm Taylor,” will “emerge in the Plains late Friday into early Saturday. As it does, it will intensify, resulting in a snow, ice and wind threat on the north side of this system, with potential blizzard conditions in a few locations of the northern Plains.”

If you’re flying through the upper Midwest this weekend, it might be worth it to update your itinerary, otherwise, expect delays and long lines this wintry weekend.