Winter Storm Inga has been bringing frigid temperatures and blizzard conditions to several states in the U.S. since it began earlier this week — and it's showing no signs of stopping.

Inga has continued its path towards the eastern U.S. Wednesday, bringing wintry conditions and storm warnings that are creating hazardous driving conditions, closing schools and causing chaos at airports across much of central New England.

Inga has already been pounding many of the southern states, which were hit with snow and icy conditions on Tuesday, including Kentucky, Tennessee, northern Alabama, northern Mississippi, southern Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.

The storm has also caused widespread road closures across some states including Georgia, along with wreaking havoc on the early-morning commute for cities like Boston and New York City.

Credit: Getty Images/Paul J. Richards

Here’s a look at what you can expect in some of the area’s affected by Inga’s path as it continues through Wednesday night, which is when the storm is expected to taper off.


Boston saw some snow arrive overnight on Tuesday, but fresh powder is expected to continue falling Wednesday throughout the morning and into the early afternoon.

The National Weather Service issued a snow advisory for the area Wednesday, with anywhere from one to three inches of snow expected. In addition to the snow, freezing temperatures will cause slick road conditions through the afternoon, according to local officials.

Heavy snowfall is expected in the area around daybreak, and periods of limited visibility could be a possibility, according to the Boston Herald, which is why several schools were closed Wednesday.


In Georgia, Inga has brought frigid temperatures and blizzard-like conditions, with up to 1.75 inches already accumulated in areas like Douglasville by Wednesday morning.

Temperatures in Georgia are expected to dip into the negatives by noon on Wednesday. Several schools and universities in Georgia announced closures for the day because of Inga.

Gov. Nathan Deal also declared a state of emergency for 83 counties in Georgia due to the current conditions that are causing highway and road closures due to severe icing.

Some countries like Cobb County are closing government operations as well.

The winter weather has caused delays and cancelations at airports throughout the country including Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest airport in the country.

New York

As the storm makes its way through the Tri-state area, a storm warning is currently in effect for parts of New York that include Orange and Putnam counties.

Much of New York City, Long Island, and coastal New Jersey could see light snowfall of up to one inch, which could make for slippery driving conditions so drivers will want to be cautious on the road, according to the National Weather Service.

While winter weather advisories were previously in place across New York City and coastal Connecticut, they’ve been dropped as most of the snow is now expected to turn into rain.

Those in New York City can expect mostly rainy conditions, while areas like Hudson Valley could see more than five inches of snow.