Here's what to expect.
Woman walking in Boston snow storm
Credit: Boston Globe/Getty Images

Some parts of the East Coast and Midwest may see their first sticking snow of the season this weekend.

Starting Friday, a weather system may bring snow to Virginia and southern New Jersey, according to the Weather Channel.

That system will continue traveling up the East Coast, likely bringing winter weather to New England, parts of the Tri-State area, some mid-Atlantic states and parts of Maryland and Virginia by Friday night. By Saturday, much of the East Coast could be getting a blanket of snow, though New England has the highest probability of snow fall, according to the Weather Channel.

Boston may see between one to three inches of accumulation, according to the forecast, while New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., are likely to get even less than that.

In the middle of the country, a separate weather system could bring a light dusting of snow to the Upper Midwest and western Great Lakes on Friday, the Weather Channel reports. On Saturday, the Ohio Valley and eastern Great Lakes will get their turn, though snowfall shouldn’t exceed three inches in most areas.

Meanwhile, some parts of the southern U.S. are already getting a taste of the season. Some parts of Texas, Georgia, the Carolinas and even Mexico may get a rare wintry mix on Thursday and Friday, AccuWeather reports.