By Stacey Leasca
April 15, 2019
Frances Gonzalez/Getty Images

Last week, Arby’s announced its new sandwich lineup, the King's Hawaiian Sandwiches. Each one will feature King’s Hawaiian buns, the sweet and savory rolls that have become a certified cult favorite. To honor the new partnership, Arby’s announced a promotion to send a few lucky fans all the way to Hawaii to taste the new sandwiches for only $6. Monday is the last day to win.

Yes, of course, $6 is a good deal for a trip to Hawaii, but there is one major catch: You only get to spend six hours in Honolulu, Hawaii. And you won’t get to do anything but eat sandwiches.

Arby’s is selling the last set of the $6 round-trip tickets — which also happens to be the price of the new sandwiches at 12 p.m. ET today, Monday, April 15, USA Today reported. The tickets are on a first come, first serve basis and there are only five tickets available during each time slot.

On the journey, the 10 winners will be flown to Los Angeles in an economy seat, where they will stay overnight before hopping aboard a flight to Honolulu. The winners will be blessed with either a first-class or business seat for the five and a half hour flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

It’s then a bit unclear what happens once you land. However, as Business Insider noted, the terms and conditions of the trip state that the winners will have "the opportunity to participate in a marketing video shoot for Arby's and King's Hawaiian.” In order to participate in the trip, each ticket holder has to sign a release allowing their likeness to appear in marketing materials for the restaurant chain.

The ticket holders will also receive a $150 gift card for expenses, according to the terms and conditions, along with a $500 check to "help offset, but not completely eliminate any tax liability associated with accepting.”

While in Hawaii the winners can’t do any sight-seeing. As the company’s landing page reads, “Arby’s $6 Hawaiian Getaway flies you to Honolulu to see the sights — all three Arby’s King’s Hawaiian sandwiches. No volcanoes. No pineapple farms. Just you, sweet buns, tender meats, and a Hawaiian paradise to eat them in.”

According to USA Today, the approximate retail value of the prize, including roundtrip tickets to both LAX and Hawaii, as well as a Los Angeles hotel stay, is $2,700. So now, you just have to weigh the pros and cons of going to Hawaii for just a few hours at the cost of a sandwich.