By Andrea Romano
January 17, 2018
Chris Cooper/Knight Frank/SWNS

Tricia Hamilton, hat maker and businesswoman, is selling £10 (about $14 USD) raffle tickets for her £1 million (about $1.3 million) cottage, named The Roselands, in Pill, North Somerset, in the U.K.

Chris Cooper/Knight Frank/SWNS

Hamilton, who has lived in the house for over 20 years and is looking for a change, plans to use the proceeds to reinvest in her business and give a portion to charity.

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“Now it’s time for someone else to enjoy it,” Hamilton said. “It’s very unique, which works well for such an unconventional sale. I’d describe it as a Tardis as it’s much more spacious than it first appears.”

The four-bedroom home, built in 1829, sits on a half-acre of land and has 17 rooms across three floors, including three bathrooms, two living rooms and several outhouses.

Chris Cooper/Knight Frank/SWNS
Chris Cooper/Knight Frank/SWNS

In addition to being someone’s potential dream home, Hamilton says the home is fairly cheap to run, claiming she only needs to turn on the heating a few times a year. The house is also fitted with solar panels and has a vegetable garden.

Chris Cooper/Knight Frank/SWNS

“I rarely have to buy fruit or veg during the summer,” Hamilton said.

The home has been on the market for more than a year, but Hamilton has yet to get an offer. She says the house is worth more than £1 million due to the renovation work carried out, but she took more than £300,000 off the original asking price when it was on the market.

For more information on getting a ticket, visit the Tricia Designs website or her dedicated raffle site.