By Tanner Saunders
October 01, 2018

For most people, a birthday cake and dinner with friends and family is enough to celebrate another trip around the sun. Will Smith is not most people.

To celebrate turning 50, Smith decided to turn his birthday up a notch by bungee jumping 1,000 feet out of a helicopter into the Grand Canyon. You read that correctly: He bungee jumped out of a helicopter into the Grand Canyon.

The event, which was livestreamed on YouTube, came about after Smith was challenged by YouTubers Yes Theory to confront his fears. Smith told viewers on the livestream that he was “terrified of walking to the edge” after visiting the Grand Canyon as a child. “All my family walked up to the edge but I stayed back too scared to take in the beauty,” he said.

But now Smith is a different man. “I’ve made it a point in my life to attack anything that I’m scared of,” he said.

“Never look down,” Smith said as the helicopter was getting into position. And though he looked terrified as the countdown started, the “Men in Black” star jumped without hesitation, falling straight into one of the most beautiful natural areas on the planet.

“It goes from pure terror to pure bliss,” he said still dangling from the helicopter.

A crowd that included his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, children, and “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” co-star Alfonso Ribeiro cheered him on from the edge.

The jump was a charitable event to raise money for Education Cannot Wait, a global fund dedicated to providing education in areas of crisis. He also used the platform as an opportunity to raise awareness for Global Citizen, an organization dedicated to ending extreme poverty by 2030.