Princess Charlotte
Credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Princess Charlotte turned three today, May 2, but the palace won’t be marking the day with any new photographs of the young royal.

Instead of releasing a new photograph of the princess on her big day, Kensington Palace shared a photo of Charlotte that was taken earlier this year on her first day of nursery school. In a tweet, the palace said, "Wishing a happy third birthday to Princess Charlotte – thank you all for your lovely messages!"

So why aren’t the royals giving fans a new glimpse of Charlotte? No, it’s not because she’s now the forgotten middle child, but rather it’s simply because the royal family is pretty busy these days, you know, with having other babies, planning upcoming weddings, and having 92nd birthday celebrations.

OK, so maybe this does make it seem like Charlotte’s third birthday has gotten a little lost amongst all the big events going on in the Windsor family. But, as royal expert Penny Junor told Elle UK, William and Kate likely made the decision to not release a photo to protect their daughter’s image.

"William and Kate won't want to overexpose their children,” Junor said. “They have never been entirely conventional so I imagine they might release a photo in their own time, and it might be one Kate takes herself.”

Still, it’s a little fishy when you consider the fact that they marked every other birthday with a photo, including this portrait of Prince George, shared in July of 2017 and taken by photographer Chris Jackson, to celebrate the prince’s fourth birthday.

But, according to Junor, we may not have to wait long for a new picture of Charlotte — although it won’t be a solo shot. Instead, it will likely come in the form of a new family portrait, which will include baby Louis.

"A photo to commemorate the new baby's birth is hardly excessive however, and I would say, for historical purposes, it is important for there to be one,” Juror said.

Moreover, Charlotte may get to celebrate at least a little in the coming weeks. She is expected to play the part of flower girl at her Uncle Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding ceremony on May 19.

Still, we can practically hear middle children everywhere sighing and saying, “We get it, Charlotte. We are here for you.”