Are you dreaming of a White Christmas this year?

White Christmas snow in New York City
Credit: michel Setboun / Contributor 

As the holiday tunes start playing, Americans across the coasts and the Midwest inevitably start to dream of a white Christmas.

Some can shut their eyes on Christmas Eve knowing that they’re all but guaranteed to wake to a snowy Christmas Day. Take, for example, the residents of Crested Butte, Colorado, which has a 99% historical probability of having at least 1 inch of snow on Dec. 25, according to CNN.

But for the rest of us, the question lingers: Will it snow on Christmas?

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, you may be in luck if you live in Billings, Montana or parts of New England. Both the American and European weather models predict snow for the regions, CNN reports.

Reports from the Weather Channel also say snow is likely on Christmas Eve into Christmas Day for many parts of the Northeast. Some parts of New York and Vermont may see powder on Dec. 24, while Christmas Day snowstorms may be in store for most of New England, as well as some parts of upstate New York. New York City, however, isn't expected to get any Christmas snow.

Since New England is currently contending with a pre-holiday snowstorm, it looks all but guaranteed that many residents of the region will be celebrating a white Christmas this year.

Other places are more of a toss-up. While early forecasts suggested that Denver would get enough weekend snow to make for a white Christmas, local predictions are now looking a bit more mild, with only a few flurries set for Saturday.

In the Weather Channel's model, some parts of high county Colorado could be slammed with up to a foot of snow on Saturday, while some parts of Oregon and Washington could see accumulation as well. Light snow could spread into the middle of the country on Christmas Eve, potentially making for a festive holiday in cities including Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis and Cleveland, according to the Weather Channel.

In the Pacific Northwest, CNN's weather model says some parts of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana may see some Christmas Day flakes, although most of the region looks clear.

As for the South — despite some uncharacteristic snow in Atlanta and Austin earlier this year, the region will probably have to settle for a snowless Christmas. But, as CNN notes, it’s still early. We’ll update the story if projections change ahead of Christmas Day.

This post was updated on Dec. 22 at 1:20 p.m.