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Companies often speak about how important travel is to millennials. But Contiki, a travel company specializing in trips for people aged 18 through 35, tried to nail down just how important it is.

It turns out that travel is much, much higher on the list of Millennial priorities than many stereotypical generational desires, like Netflix, alcohol and even sex.

The travel provider asked a survey of those aged 18 to 36 what they would be “willing to give up for around six months if that meant you could travel the world for free.”

About 80 percent of respondents answered that they would immediately do away with their Netflix passwords for a few months to go around the globe. About 77 percent said they would give up their coffee, 73 percent could go without alcohol and 60 percent would cut out carbs.

But perhaps the most surprising figure is that more than half of Millennial respondents (57 percent, to be exact) would go without sex to travel the world for free. The number dropped to 41 percent when asked if they would give up their cell phone to see the globe.

It's worth noting that only one percent of respondents answered that they were unwilling to give up any of these things to go on their dream vacation for free.

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