Kevin Hart
Credit: Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images [edited]

Kevin Hart is one extremely funny — and extremely busy — man. Not only is he starring in a host of upcoming films and comedy specials, but he also somehow managed to star in and produce a new YouTube series in between diaper changes (he welcomed a new son into the world with wife Eniko Parrish in November).

“The goal was to do something different and unique — find a way to incorporate my personality, physical fitness, and my friends who have no idea what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and shooting it,” Hart told Men’s Journal about his new YouTube venture, "What the Fit."

Part of creating the show is traveling around the nation to meet up and work out with all his famous friends. When asked what he absolutely has to have with him along his travels, Hart told Men’s Journal it comes down to two things: “I really, really need my Airpods. Apple did right with those. No, scratch that — my Invisalign. I’m on tray number five right now, so I need that.”

Those Airpods and retainers get to travel to some seriously awesome locations around the globe, too. Like St. Barts, where Hart and Parrish spent their honeymoon.

They even get to travel with Hart as he flies all over the world in a private jet.

And to global events like this year’s Super Bowl.

While we can’t really recommend the Invisalign (that’s sort of a conversation you need to have with your orthodontist), we can say that the Airpods aren’t half bad for travelers. The headphones' super small design makes them easy to pack right in your pocket.

But, if you’re looking to up your headphone game, check out these 15 headphones that are perfect for any type of traveler. And wear them as you travel to catch Hart on tour now.