As much of the country enjoys a warmer-than-usual end to February, a storm is brewing in Europe that will change the course of weather patterns on this side of the Atlantic.

According to predictions from, weather patterns will switch over the Atlantic next week, bringing Europe’s cold weather to the East Coast. As March begins, cities on the East Coast could experience snowstorms, Mashable reported.

The change in weather patterns was caused by “sudden stratospheric warming” earlier this week.

Sudden stratospheric warming disturbs and weakens the jet stream, allowing powerful weather patterns to switch directions. This week, western Europe is being punched with record-setting arctic winds, brought in from eastern Europe and Siberia. Meteorologists in the U.K. have called the sensation the “beast from the east.” That weather pattern is likely to continue into the United States as March begins.

“There is a very big, very cold pool of air that circulates around the north pole – sudden stratospheric warming, as it says on the tin, is when the stratosphere suddenly warms,” a spokesperson for the Met Office in the U.K. told The Guardian.

The last time the phenomenon affected the U.K. was in 2013. This time, it is likely to affect weather around the world over the next four to six weeks, according to the Weather Network.