There's potential for even more cold weather next week.
boston storm
Credit: Boston Globe/Getty Images

Several states on the East Coast are still recovering from power loss after two back-to-back nor’easters hit the region. Now, forecasts are indicating another nor’easter might be on its way next week.

If the winter storm does hit around Monday, it will be the third coastal storm to strike the East Coast over the last 10 days. Winter Storm Riley and Winter Storm Quinn already left thousands without power and thousands of flights canceled already in March.

The upcoming storm's exact impact will depend on how much strength the storm picks up and its track over the weekend. As of Friday afternoon, the storm is in western Canada, according to the Weather Channel, and could fizzle out or become a winter storm if it inches closer to the East Coast.

Currently, American computer models forecast the storm will move through the south and bring storms to the Gulf Coast, hitting states stretching from Arkansas to Florida with potential strong winds, hail, and even possible tornadoes, according to ABC News.

If the storm does track closer to the South, it could bring snow to areas like St. Louis and Tennessee on Sunday, as well as snow to Washington D.C., New York, Boston, and Maine by Monday afternoon.

The European model, however, shows varying results that indicate the storm will be much calmer, bringing rain to North Carolina and South Carolina on Monday, with no rain expected to the Northeast, according to ABC. Compared to the American model, meteorologists have found the European model to be more accurate when it comes to tracking the potential for cold fronts and rain showers, according to the Scientific American.

Either way, ABC’s forecast predict chilly weather, with temperatures on March 14 expected to drop to as low as single digits in locations like Marquette and Detroit and in the teens in Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, Minneapolis, and Des Moines.