You Can Now Get Directions From a Cat or a Dog on Waze

Directions are better from your furry friends.

A nice, long drive is always better with your furry best friend.

Whether you're a cat person or a dog person, you can now use two new navigation voices in Waze that perfectly complement your preference.

Screen image showing Cat and Dog themes on Waze app
Courtesy of Waze

If you're taking a road trip, going on a weekend getaway, or just trying to find directions to your friend's housewarming party, the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app has voice modes that are either an upbeat and excited dog or a skeptical and irreverent cat to tell you where to turn left or get on the on-ramp.

Courtesy of Waze

But be forewarned, the dog can tend to get a little "distracted" and the cat can be a little "neurotic." Let's hope there aren't too many traffic hazards or squirrels on the road. Even though they're not really voiced by cats and dogs, the new voices are like if your pets suddenly got the power of speech.

The two voice modes can be accessed through the Waze app by choosing either Meow Mobile or Woof Wagon to select your theme preferences to guide you on your way.

"We're so excited to bring Waze's very own Cat & Dog theme to our users around the world," said Erin Bellsey, head of brand programs at Waze. "People often define themselves as a cat or dog person, so we wanted to put this to the test and see which moods and personality traits our drivers choose to embody. Our creative team had a blast concepting this, and we can't wait to see which furry friend our users identify with most!"

The new cat and dog theme will be available in English, French, and Spanish for a limited time. For more information, check it out on the Waze app, or visit the Apple Store or Google Play store to download Waze to your phone for free.

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.

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