March 15, 2016

After a recent episode of "The Walking Dead," it was announced that fans can expect a show-themed attraction at Hollywood's Universal Studios coming this summer. Naturally, we have some questions. Are they hiring zombie extras? Will there be a replica of Alexandria? How will characters past play into this new attraction? Does this have any affiliation with the "Walking Dead"-themed cruise? Universal Studios hasn't shared much information. All we have to go on came from a recently posted, 37-second video teasing the newcomer (which you can check out above).

One thing is for sure: there will be plenty of zombies—and special effects. The entire vibe is more haunted house than zombie hunter from what's shown in the teaser, but here are a few things we'd pay to experience:

Timeline of Characters Past and Present

Let's start with the basics: The storyline moves quick in "The Walking Dead" and not every Universal Studio visitor is going to be as glued to the episode theories and plotlines as some of us are (guilty as charged). That being said, kicking off this attraction with a quick lesson in who's who could make all the difference.

Survival 101: How to Thrive in a Zombie's World

No episode goes by without some sort of close call with the undead. From repelling the monsters to zombie-proofing your home, there's a lot to be learned on this topic.

Zombie Makeover Station

Let's be real: being a zombie extra could possibly be the most fun role in Hollywood. Just think of the Instagram possibilities.

A Restaurant That Only Serves Canned Food Rations

Well, this may not be something we'd like to experience per say, but it doesn't get more "Walking Dead" than this.

Cooking Classes with Carol

Carol, a character played by Melissa McBride who's been a part of the original group since the initial outbreak, can make something good out of just about any ingredient (beet juice cookies?!).

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.