Voyager Club is partnering with to solve your packing woes in the most stylish way possible.

By Siobhan Reid
March 01, 2019
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Courtesy of Wiggy Kit/Leigh Webber

Imagine arriving at your hotel or private villa, swinging open your closet doors, and finding a vacation wardrobe that perfectly befits your location and personal style.

This is the idea behind Voyager Club, a new full-service travel company that has partnered with retail giant to deliver hand-picked styles straight to your door.

Founded last year by Sophie Caulcutt and Ashley Barras, whose backgrounds are in high-end retail, Voyager Club is the first company to marry luxury fashion and luxury travel.

Courtesy of Wiggy Kit/Leigh Webber

“Voyager Club is for the traveler who is going to a lavish resort in St. Moritz and needs a full ski wardrobe, or the client who is has business in Milan and wants to look polished and chic,” Caulcutt told Travel + Leisure.

And while fashion is certainly a focus, the year-old travel outfit is equally as committed to hooking customers up with posh digs. Ninety-five percent of the site’s properties have been personally reviewed by Caulcutt and Barras, giving discerning travelers that extra level of confidence and peace of mind.

Courtesy of Wiggy Kit/Leigh Webber

“It's 360-degree experience," said Caulcutt. “We can book stays at luxury hotels and private villas, put together once-in-a-lifetime itineraries, fulfill bespoke travel requests, and curate your vacation look.”

If you elect the “My Vacation Stylist” service, you’ll be paired with an expert for an in-person or virtual consultation and asked questions about your favorite designers, go-to colors and fabrics, and vacation itinerary. Your stylist will then pull looks based on your preferences and ship them to your hotel or villa in time for your stay.

And it gets better: you’ll only charged for the items you keep, meaning you can try on as many different outfits as you’d like (and take a corresponding number of mirror selfies) without having to commit.

Courtesy of Wiggy Kit/Leigh Webber

The first-of-its-kind fashion service is just one of the many things that drew designer Wiggy Hindmarch to the club. As the founder of Wiggy Kit, a resort-wear label specializing in breezy cover-ups and dresses, Hindmarch knows the challenge of packing for the road.

“Wiggy Kit was born out of my realization that I had this beautiful wardrobe of caftans that could be worn on the beach, but not back home in the U.K.,” says Hindmarch. “So, my clothes are designed to be worn anywhere — the Caribbean, London, Rome — and for any occasion, whether it’s a summer party, a wedding, or a school run.”

After researching Voyager Club and connecting with Caulcutt and Barras, the London-based creative decided to show her support by listing her beloved vacation house in the Bahamas on the site. It wasn’t an easy decision: she and her husband had spent years renovating the property, a 19th-century cottage on Harbour Island, and were understandably chary of opening it up to the public.

Courtesy of Wiggy Kit/Leigh Webber

“We had put blood, sweat, and tears into overhauling the property, so the thought of renting it out sent shivers down my spine,” Hindmarch said. “But after talking to Sophie and Ashley, I felt confident that we could rent it and still keep it very exclusive and under-the-radar.”

Courtesy of Wiggy Kit/Leigh Webber

If Hindmarch's place is out of your budget, Voyager Club offers a range of accommodations at every price point, from La Colombe d'Or in the Côte d'Azur to Hôtel des Grands Boulevards in Paris. And if you're just interested in the fashion, that's fine too.

“Everything is à la carte, so you don’t have to book a stay through us to use our vacation wardrobe service,” said Caulcutt.