It comes with butler service, afternoon tea, and so much more — but there is a catch.

By Stacey Leasca
February 27, 2018
Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse OneFineStay Heathrow Airport London
Credit: Courtesy of onefinestay

Forget the Four Seasons, the Waldorf Astoria, and the Burj Al Arab — the most luxurious hotel room you can sleep in this week is hidden inside an airport.

Onefinestay has teamed up with Virgin Atlantic to create a one-of-a-kind hotel experience located right inside the airline’s London Heathrow Clubhouse. Though, like all great and awesome things in life, this too comes with one big catch: It will only be there for a few days and you can’t even buy your way in.

Instead, all you can do is apply and hope you get in for its open dates from March 1-5. If they accept you, the one-night stay will cost you $1. No, we didn’t forget any zeros; it’s literally just a buck.

“A onefinestay home with a difference – we’ve teamed up with Virgin Atlantic to recreate a room from one of our iconic New York apartments in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Heathrow airport,” Onefinestay explained on the apartment’s booking page. According to the company, the room in Heathrow was designed in collaboration with Jemma Paugh from JC Décor and takes inspiration from their New York collection.

But this isn’t just a unique experience. It also comes with some seriously luxurious amenities. How luxurious? How about a private butler, afternoon tea, and a spa experience; a three-course meal in the brasserie with wine pairings, a tailored de Mamiel aromatherapy treatment, and breakfast served in bed. Oh, and the absolute best part is the fact that the room is located just minutes from departure gates, so check-in is a true breeze.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse OneFineStay Heathrow Airport London
Credit: Courtesy of onefinestay

According to God Save The Points, Virgin Atlantic explained that it’s testing out how the room stay goes. If the demand is high they may decide to add more experiences like it in the future. And if the feedback is stellar they may even make it a permanent fixture and expand the service abroad. Now, if only all airport hotels would take note and up their game to match this experience.