When Virgin America is having its last flight
Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Virgin America hasn’t technically existed since January — but that hasn’t stopped people from taking Virgin America flights.

Although the airline officially merged with Alaska Airlines a couple months ago, Virgin America-branded flights continue to operate between airports across the country. But not for much longer.

The last two official Virgin America flights ever will be on April 24, taking off from San Francisco at 9:30 p.m. Flight 1182 travels to Newark, and Flight 1948 heads to Los Angeles, Alaska told Travel + Leisure. When 1182 (a red-eye) lands in Newark in the early morning hours of April 25, Virgin America will be no more.

On April 25, customers will be automatically redirected to Alaska's website when attempting to access Virgin's. From that day on, all flights will be operated under Alaska and the “passenger service system” will unite both brands.

If you want to be on one of Virgin’s final flights, you're in luck: Alaska told T+L that any available seats can be purchased on or No special activities are planned for either flight, according to the airline, however, those passengers in the know will likely bond over their shared historical experience.

Over the next few months, passengers may be confused as they continue to spot Virgin America signage and decor.

“Gates, ticketing, and check-in areas will all be Alaska-branded at the airport,” an Alaska Airlines spokesperson told Business Insider earlier this month. “It will take more time for us to update branding on the Airbus fleet, including the livery and the interiors, but in the meantime, we’ve started selling Virgin America’s Main Cabin Select seats as Premium Class for Airbus flights after April 24.” (So it's possible you could fly on a Virgin America-painted plane after April, though you likely won't know until you show up for your flight.)

Alaska Airlines has said that complete absorption of Virgin America (and disintegration of the airline’s visuals) will not happen until 2019.