Virgin America Airplane taking off
Credit: SOPA Images/Getty Images

It’s the end of an era for Virgin America, which is the best reason to celebrate the good times.

Good times like, say, listening to the Virgin America safety demonstration song, a pop tribute to in-flight protection and security. Unfortunately, the beloved song is officially being retired now that the airline has merged with Alaska Airlines.

One flight attendant, however, found the perfect way to give the song the best “retirement party”: performing one last dance routine.

Mikey Tongko-Burry, a flight attendant for Virgin America (now Alaska Airlines), performed one last “safety dance” for passengers on one of his regular flight shifts. Tongko-Burry has become somewhat of a legend thanks to this routine over the years.

Even Richard Branson has noticed Tongko-Burry’s excellent moves.

Luckily, on this last flight, a passenger named Hunter Walk was able to capture the magic.

Tongko-Burry tweeted that the dance made everyone on the plane “so happy.” Many Twitter users have applauded his moves.

Tongko-Burry will be flying with Alaska Airlines from now on, and the airline definitely appreciates his on-the-job enthusiasm.

Hopefully he’ll bring some fun pre-flight entertainment to Alaska as well.