By Andrea Romano
October 29, 2019
Karol Ciesluk/Getty Images

Halloween time is the perfect time for savory fall recipes, hot apple cider, and pumpkin-spiced cakes, and pastries — even for journailsts traveling on board Air Force One.

But according to CNN correspondent Michelle Kosinski, the plane's chef maybe took the spooky holiday a little too far by serving up an unidentifiable side dish on Monday.

Looks, um, festive.

Now, we’re actually not too concerned about the smiley-faced stuffed pepper masquerading as a jack o’ lantern and we’re also not too worried about the bed of greens and the lightly cooked tomatoes on the side.

The issue — one that has all of the internet confused and a little frightened — is the dish on the top left corner.

Dozens of social media investigators have shared their hunches on Twitter, with theories ranging from mutant chickens to sugary apple fritters.

Let’s break down the evidence:

First, the plate is on the lefthand side of the tray, i.e., the perfect spot for a dessert to go. So we can assume this is most likely a dish of the sweet variety rather than a radioactive poultry (though we do see the resemblance). Going off that, we’re left with a number of possibilities such as a cinnamon roll, a lumpy scone, a misshapen apple pie, and so on.

Considering the lumpiness and the color, and square-shaped pieces poking out of the sides, we think it is one of two things: Either it’s an apple-flavored dish, like an individual pie or turnover, or it’s a piece of bread pudding. Very sugary, very cursed bread pudding. But a bread pudding nonetheless.

It’s unclear as to whether the meal, especially the dessert, was tasty or not — or if anyone decided to try it at all.