The Kilauea volcano eruption, on the Big Island of Hawaii, sent a plume of smoke into the air and lava down to the surrounding area below. So far, Washington Post reported, it has covered 104 acres on the island.

Though the lava flow has subsided, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory is warning that toxic fumes remained a danger, and due to winds, could spread as far as 60 miles around the island, USA Today reported.

Because people were asked to stay away, the world has yet to see the extent of the volcano’s destruction. However, helicopter pilots are now offering a glimpse of the island’s newly formed volcanic fissures, along with a view of Kilauea’s crater for the first time since the eruption.

“The Leilani Estates Subdivision on the East side of the Big Island (Puna) is literally being ripped apart,” Mick Kalber wrote in the caption of his video showing the volcano’s destructive force in action while riding with Paradise Helicopters. “Generally, these fissure outbreaks have begun violently, and quit quickly ... but this one appears to be an exception.”