Discover the best of what a country has to offer.

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Credit: Anna Gorin/Getty Images

Those looking for an easy way to plan a trip that includes visiting local gems, this program may be the answer.

Through the travel app ViaHero, you can pay $30 per day to get matched with a local based in the country they're traveling to. That host, which ViaHero calls a "hero," will build a custom itinerary for your getaway.

Once you share your personal vacation preferences (for example, whether you’re a beach lover or a vegetarian), you’ll be matched with a local who will create a full travel guidebook that you can access via the company’s app, both online and offline.

The host will also handle travel arrangements in advance of your arrival, including your flight, hotel, airport transfers, private dinners, and bookings with tour guides.

“It’s like having a local friend who has all the same interests as you plan your trip,” CEO Greg Buzulencia told the Associated Press.

Buzulencia, who has had a passion for planning vacations since he was a child, told the AP he created the company in 2016 after noticing the travel industry offering few options for travelers to focus on authentic, local experiences and personally curated itineraries.

The service is currently available in Cuba, Iceland, Japan, and Colombia, though the company is also planning to launch in Ecuador and several South American countries later this year, according to the AP.