Andrea Romano
March 01, 2018

A major weather system, known as the “Beast from the East,” that has affected most of Europe has blanketed many Italian cities with their first snowfall in several years.

In Venice, the fresh snow has turned the already stunning city into a spectacular, wintry sight. Footage captured by Venice’s BAUER Palazzo hotel shows amazing views of Venice covered in a blanket of snow, panning across the lagoon from St. Marks’ Square to the Santa Maria della Salute.

“Snow in Venice is absolutely Magical, as it embodies the city with mystic veneer that softens its striking colours and brings out its architecture by contracting light in a sharper way still,” Alessandro Possati, the film's director, told Travel + Leisure. “People walk slowly as if in a dream, however the hustle and bustle local life doesn't stop. It’s amusing to see how the wardrobe changes into a mixture of urban blizzard wear.”

Courtesy of Illumina Film and BAUER Palazzo, Venice

The panoramic shots take you on a journey from San Marco across to Cannaregio and beyond.

Courtesy of Illumina Film and BAUER Palazzo, Venice

The city’s temperature only read at 28 degrees Fahrenheit at the time the footage was taken. Typically, the average temperature in March is in the low 50’s.

Rome has also been enjoying the beautiful snowfall, the first the city has seen in six years.

Courtesy of Illumina Film and BAUER Palazzo, Venice

And in the London, people have been seem skiing to work. Other parts of the U.K. have also been experiencing some more extreme instances of winter weather, such as snow tornadoes, and Scotland has actually declared the entire country on “red alert” due to the extreme cold.

Courtesy of Illumina Film and BAUER Palazzo, Venice

According to the Telegraph, more winter weather is set to come to the rest Europe, as another storm travels north from the Azores region of Portugal.

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