Venice, Italy
Credit: Getty Images

Locals and tourists in Venice will have to look for some other means of getting around the city now that a new regulation will ban certain types of boats from the Grand Canal.

As of August 1, authorities are now prohibiting recreational boats such as canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and others from being used in the canal, The Local reported. People who live or own businesses in the historic district, however, are exempt from the complete ban and will still be able to use their boats during restricted times.

And don’t worry if you had your heart set on a gondola ride – traditional Venetian watercraft are still allowed.

Following the death of a German tourist in 2013, regulations on the Grand Canal have slowly become stricter, beginning with fewer ferries on the waterway, The Local reported in 2013.

The new measure is simply a further piling on of measures in the name of public safety. Up until August 1, recreational boats were only allowed on the canal at peak times during the day.

The ban affects not only the Grand Canal, but also Cannaregio Canal and other waterways. Less busy, smaller canals will only enforce the ban during certain times of the day, namely peak hours.

If you’re planning a trip to Venice any time soon, consider saving a few euro for the public transport.