You Can Now Get Paid to Rewatch 'Harry Potter' — Here's How

Get the popcorn ready, and get paid.

Nov. 16 marked the 20th anniversary of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," the film, which changed our muggle world forever. But fans aren't done celebrating yet.

USDish is honoring the milestone anniversary, and a whole lot of other Hollywood remakes, by looking for a few muggles who are willing to rewatch five of the films, and get paid $1,234 to do so. All the winner needs to do in return is let USDish know how their experience watching the films today differed from the experience of watching them as a kid.

Watching Harry Potter in a living room
Courtesy of Alessandra Amodio

Not a fan of the Harry Potter films? We don't get it, but that's ok because USDish will let you choose five of your favorite childhood movies to rewatch instead.

"With many classics getting remakes and celebrating anniversaries, we were curious to find out if the original films still make us feel the same as when we first watched them growing up," a spokesperson for the company shared in a statement with Travel + Leisure. And if you need help figuring out which movies you'd like to rewatch, the company built a handy guide to the classics.

Beyond the cash, the winner will also get streaming access to the films, as well as snacks from the decade they grew up in, extra goodies to keep them cozy while watching, and more.

"You're an ideal candidate if you take detailed notes on how each movie made you feel as a kid versus watching now as an adult, share the nostalgic moments on your social media and, of course, party on, dude," the company added on the contest website. "For an even more excellent adventure, invite your kids (if applicable) to watch your favorite five with you."

Watching Harry Potter in a living room
Courtesy of Alessandra Amodio

If you get the job, you'll have "15 days to complete your trip down nostalgia lane." To enter, you simply need to fill out the easy application, which includes your name, favorite movies, social media handles, and a small section to explain why you'd be great for the gig. The company added on its application page, "You have a better chance of being selected if you submit a video in your application, so keep that in mind when you apply."

Apply here before Dec. 17.

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