Officials are looking to blacklist the couple from the country.
wat arun temple bangkok
Credit: Getty Images/Education Images

Two American tourists are being held in Thailand after taking a photo of their exposed bottoms in front of a sacred temple in Bangkok, Thailand.

Joseph and Travis Dasilva posted a photo of their nude buttocks as they posed in front of the Buddhist Wat Arun temple in Bangkok on their Instagram account, Traveling Butts. The account has since been deleted, but it included numerous similar photos of them in front of other famous attractions around the globe, USA Today reports.

The San Diego couple was arrested on Tuesday while they were trying to depart from Bankgkok’s Don Mueang International Airport after authorities spotted the images posted on social media and put the two on a watchlist.

They were each fined 5,000 baht ($153) for public nudity, an offense taken seriously in the Buddhist-majority country. Immigration police told BBC they are looking to revoke both of the travelers’ visas before pushing for deporting them and blacklisting them from the country.

The country is known for it strict regulations around religious symbols and the royal family. For example, Thai laws make it illegal to criticize or insult the monarchy, with consequences that have been as severe as 37 years in prison for a man who posted a joke about the King's dog in 2015.

Thailand's district police chief Jaruphat Thonkomol told The Daily Telegraph the duo will also be fined for a similar photo they took in front of another temple in the area.

Police are also determining whether the photo may violate the country’s Computer Crime Act since it was posted online, the Telegraph reports.