By Andrea Romano
July 08, 2018

Even though the U.S. is famous for its burgers and fries, you won’t have the same fast food experience in every state.

According to a report by web data company Datafiniti, states can vary quite a bit when it comes to how many fast food restaurants are available to hungry diners.

Alabama came in first in the report, which ranked states based on the number of fast food options per capita, with 6.3 restaurants per 10,000 residents. Nebraska came in second, with 5.4 restaurants per 10,000 residents, followed by West Virginia and Oklahoma at 5.3 restaurants per 10,000 residents.

However, as you travel northeast, you might have more trouble finding your Big Mac fix. Vermont came in dead last with only 1.9 fast food restaurants per 10,000 people. New Jersey beat that just slightly with 2.0 restaurants per 10,000 residents, while New York and Mississippi have 2.1 restaurants per 10,000 people.

In Datafiniti's ranking of U.S. states with the most fast food restaurants per capita, Colorado is No. 27.
Getty Images

In general, the report showed that southern and central states had the most fast food joints per capita, with the exception of Mississippi.

The report also listed the cities with the most fast food stops per person, putting Orlando, Las Vegas, and Cincinnati in the top three, and New York City in last place.

And it may come as a surprise that those Golden Arches did not dominate the map. According to the report, Subway (18.5% of the data set) beat out McDonald’s (11.3%) as the most accessible chain. Burger King (5.7%) rounded out the top three.

More information on the report can be found on the Datafiniti website.