By Evie Carrick
March 15, 2019

Like the weather or traffic, we all like to speculate on – and complain about – our city’s driving habits. Each city has their own style of driving and chances are, you think your city’s drivers are the worst. But are they really? It turns out there’s a way to define and quantify aggressive driving behavior to determine where the worst offenders are.

A new study by GasBuddy, a fuel-savings app, analyzed user data from drivers in the top 30 metropolitan areas by population to determine the frequency of aggressive driving. The study assessed aggressiveness by reviewing data on speed, hard braking, and swift acceleration.

LA Traffic
Credit: Getty Images

Los Angeles topped the list with three other California cities showing up in the top 10. Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, noted in a statement that, “drivers in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Sacramento, and Atlanta being 20 percent more aggressive than the average driver in America.”

GasBuddy reports that not only is aggressive driving dangerous, but it also wastes gas. Habits like speeding, rapid acceleration, and braking can lower gas mileage by 40 percent, adding an estimated $477 in fuel costs each year.

The worst offenders are ranked below:

  1. Los Angeles, California
  2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  3. Sacramento, California
  4. Atlanta, Georgia
  5. San Francisco, California
  6. San Diego, California
  7. Orlando, Florida
  8. Detroit, Michigan
  9. Austin, Texas
  10. Las Vegas, Nevada