United's private terminal at LAX (render)
Credit: Courtesy of United

Imagine having an airport terminal all to yourself. It can actually happen — if you’re willing to pay for the privilege.

United Airlines has announced plans to partner with The Private Suite for high-paying business class passengers at Los Angeles International Airport who want nothing more than to avoid the huge crowds for a totally elite travel experience.

The passengers will be driven from the terminal to the tarmac to their planes in a BMW 7-Series sedan and have their own staff of eight assigned to their booking, CNBC reported. This premium offering also includes a custom security screening away from the long lines.

“I think this is a very smart move on United's part to compete,” Henry Harteveldt, founder of travel-industry consulting firm Atmosphere Research Group, told CNBC.

But all this exclusivity and luxury comes at a hefty price. An annual membership at the Private Terminal normally goes for $4,500, but access will be included in some ticket fares on flights to or from LAX, to Newark, Aspen, Hawaii, London's Heathrow, Singapore, Tokyo Narita and Sydney, said United, according to CNBC.

United isn’t the only airline revamping its premium offerings. Other airlines are also re-upping their airport lounges, first class cabins and seats to appeal to more customers who are willing to pay more for comfort.