United Airlines
Credit: Getty Images

Your trip doesn’t begin at the security line. For most travelers, there's also the long drive or mass transit ride to the airport.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have the opportunity to have your own, private helicopter ride directly to the terminal? For some high-paying United passengers traveling to Newark, that will soon be possible.

United Airlines is offering an exclusive service to business class travelers: a 10-minute transfer from their helicopter hub in downtown Manhattan directly to Newark International Airport.

Of course, the new service isn’t included in the hefty, business class airfare. Travelers will have to pay $2,099 for up to three travelers and an extra $100 more for up to six passengers. The price includes car transfer to the terminal. If they’re willing to pay for the convenience, a 10-minute ride compared to an hour to hour-and-a-half train trip might be worth it.

And they’ll definitely avoid any train delays.

United isn’t the only airline to offer this type of service either. Delta Air Lines offers a similar ride for travelers going to John F. Kennedy International Airport. That certainly beats waiting for the AirTrain.