By Stacey Leasca
August 17, 2018

United Airlines will soon begin charging extra for seats toward the front of the economy cabin, Travel Weekly reported. The change comes with the introduction of new corporate perks for business clients.

Preferred corporate clients as well as passengers United's Mileage Plus Premier status will have access to booking the front economy seats without paying a fee, according to Travel Weekly. But regular economy passengers will now see these seats available only for an additional fee. If they don't want to pay, they can select a seat toward the back of the plane.

United, of course, isn’t alone in charging more for “select” economy seats. Budget airlines like Norwegian Air and Spirit Airlines charge an additional fee to select a specific seat ahead of time, as do legacy airlines like American when passengers buy a basic economy ticket. Etihad Airways now charges more for people to select their seats in economy class. With that airline, passengers can expect to pay $25 to select a standard seat.

United will offer economy seats toward the front of the cabin as a perk to preferred corporate clients and Mileage Plus Premier members. Other passengers will need to select a seat toward the back of the plane or pay extra.

United has not yet announced pricing for the front economy seats. However, according to Travel Weekly, if the seats are not yet filled by the time passengers are checking in, they will be available first come, first serve, no extra fee required.