This Nonprofit Has a Marketplace That Lets You Shop Directly From Local Artisans Around the World

Make your last-minute shopping matter.

Glassware set, wooden bowl and utensils and a silver ring
Photo: Courtesy of UNICEF Market

If you're a last-minute shopper looking for something meaningful, the Unicef Market has potential presents from around the world — and each purchase supports the local artisans who make them, with a portion of the proceeds also going back to the nonprofit. A number of celebrities have been shopping for one-of-a-kind pieces at Unicef Market this year (P!NK just posted about what she's eyeing from the market today.)

The pieces from Unicef Market are the gift that keep on giving — specifically to the global community and Unicef's mission. Though the marketplace is available online year-round, the holiday season is a perfect time to shop with several gifts still offering guaranteed shipping on or before Dec. 24. The marketplace is also easy to navigate with gift categories divided by who you're shopping for, what kind of gift they may want (jewelry, tableware, wall decor etc.), and price ranges.

For the friend who lives for Taco Tuesday and wouldn't dare drink anything but a margarita that day, the Unicef Market has this set of hand-blown margarita glasses from Jalisco, Mexico. They can happily sip on their cocktail, knowing that the gift can also provide 197 sachets of oral hydration salts to the children Unicef serves. For the loved one who needs to retire their overworn leggings, these joggers made by Indian designer Ajay Kapoor would be a great gift and could also provide 38 doses of the measles vaccine. To add some peace and serenity to the garden of your favorite plant parent, consider this handmade wind chime from Bali, Indonesia that can help vaccinate 26 children against polio. And for anyone who loves to plop on the couch for a series-binging marathon, this cozy Balinese textile blanket would make for the perfect company and could also provide 32 packets of life-saving nutrition to children.

And if you're really short on time, the Unicef Market also has an Inspired Gifts category, which allows gift givers to make a charitable donation in the name of their loved ones. For example, $18 could provide five backpacks for school children; $38 could provide 10,000 water purification tablets; and $75 could provide ready-to-use therapeutic food and warm blankets.

Head to the Unicef Market for more information and to see all the gifts available for purchase.

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