Unearth Women Issue
Credit: Courtesy of Unearth Women

Nearly two-thirds of travelers are women. Yet, somehow, for decades the gender got the short end of the travel stick. Until now.

Women now have more options than ever when it comes to the ways they can explore the world. There are more companies catering to women via female-only tours, gender-specific gear made for female travelers, and even airlines who will go to great lengths to protect women flying solo. And now, a new publication is helping women dive even deeper by guiding them not only through new places but directly towards other women making a difference and changing the world.

“We realized there was nothing on the market and the void needed to be filled,” Elise Fitzsimmons, co-founder, publisher, and head of operations at the new female-focused travel magazine Unearth Women told Travel + Leisure.

The biggest hole, the Unearth Women team found, was the need to not only serve readers incredible travel content but to steer them toward other women in far-flung regions of the world. So they came up with one brilliant idea: Feminist City Guides.

“The Feminist City Guides are a way for women and their allies to really engage with a place that empowers local communities as opposed to just general ‘10 cool places to eat,’” Fitzsimmons said. “It helps people really be a traveler or person who’s journeying with care and caution.”

Inside the guides, readers will find female-owned businesses worth traveling to in each city, restaurants that are home to cutting-edge female chefs, and spaces every traveler must see. But it goes beyond that too.

“It’s also about raising awareness of human trafficking in Kathmandu or Palestinian refugees in Beirut, or how female tattoo artists are changing the landscape in South Korea,” Fitzsimmons said. “It’s about not just acknowledging a place for what it is. Instead, these guides allow people to really take a moment and read about the historical and cultural importance of the women who are in that place along with their current needs, desires, and concerns. And through this, travelers can hopefully interact with them in a way that is more meaningful.”

Unearth Women, Feminist Travel Magazine
Credit: Courtesy of Unearth Women

On the magazine’s website, readers can currently find guides for more than 20 locations including popular destinations like London, Johannesburg, Jaipur, Portland, Seoul, and more. Inside the London guide, for example, readers can find unique recommendations like “visit the Florence Nightingale Museum,” and “Grab a Book at This Feminist Library,” along with a few female-inspired accommodations.

Fitzsimmons says each guide is commissioned, curated, and posted with care and understanding. And that’s why you may have to wait just a little bit longer for each one to post.

“The largest issue that women face when traveling is also their greatest advantage: it is our visible gender,” Fitzsimmons told T+L. “As a woman, our gender predisposes us to all of the social capital as well as the inherent inequity of the society we visit. Our gender also entitles us to enter spaces that men are not allowed; offering us a glimpse into a world only be seen by a fraction of people.”

She added, “At Unearth Women we recognize that women the world over deserve equal footing and that until we are all equal, none of us are.”

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