Uber Is Adding Trains, Planes, Buses to Its App — What to Know

The expansion is planned for this summer in the United Kingdom.

a man holding up a smartphone with the Uber transport app visible on screen in London
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It's a bird, it's a plane… it's an Uber.

The rideshare company announced plans this week to expand its offerings in the United Kingdom, allowing customers there to book train and bus tickets starting this summer, followed by flights and cross-channel train tickets later this year.

"Everyone values the freedom to make travel arrangements in a simple and convenient way, which is why we're excited to become a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs," Jamie Heywood, the regional general manager for Uber in the UK, Northern and Eastern Europe, said in a statement. "You have been able to book rides, bikes, boat services and scooters on the Uber app for a number of years, so adding trains and coaches is a natural progression."

When the option is introduced, Uber will not be providing the actual trains or planes. Instead, the rail, coach, and airline tickets will be available through several partners and will be fully integrated into the Uber app.

Additionally, Uber plans to roll out nationwide car rentals in the UK. The company currently offers ride-hailing, e-bikes, and Uber Boat, which is run by a local company, in the country.

Although an Uber spokeswoman confirmed to Travel + Leisure there are no current plans to bring the UK pilot to the United States, but added the platform already offers rental cars and other public transportation options.

However, Uber has been expanding its offerings in the U.S., recently introducing Uber Explore, which allows customers to book things like dinner reservations and offers recommendations for popular tourist attractions. The company also launched a membership service complete with discounts and perks on rides, food deliveries, and more.

And last month, Uber said it will add New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission cabs to its platform, allowing customers to order a yellow taxi in addition to other options through the app like UberX.

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