By Andrea Romano
October 10, 2019

It’s important to only pack the essentials when you’re going on a long trip. We, of course, mean bringing as many bags of your favorite snack in your carry-on as possible.

According to Delish, a woman was stopped by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on Oct. 4 because she had a bunch of bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in her carry-on. But, in her defense, she had a very good reason — besides them being delicious.

Hot Cheetos filled bag stopped by TSA
Credit: Chicago Tribune/Getty Images

Emily Mei was traveling to South Korea when she was stopped by TSA. She wrote on Twitter, “Will never forget the day TSA stopped me [because] they thought I was hiding sh*t inside my bag...”

She continued on her post that she had “like 20 bags" of the popular snack chip in there. The TSA doesn’t have a ban on food, especially the dry, sealed, and packaged kind. So, if you’re nervous about bringing some snacks with you on your next trip, you still can. However, according to the New York Post, the TSA reserves the right to flag and inspect your bag if they suspect your food “clutters bags or obstruct clear images on the X-ray machine.” It’s unlikely that they’ll confiscate anything if it’s all in the clear.

Other Twitter users replied to her post in solidarity, including one guy who packed a bunch of boxes of Cheez-Its in a suitcase and another guy who shared a video of his bag, packed with Airheads, being searched.

But Mei isn’t just a hardcore Hot Cheeto enthusiast. She wrote on Twitter that she was bringing the bags with her to give to her friends because this particular snack is very hard to find in South Korea.

“Apparently it’s hard to get in Korea so my friends always ask me to bring it for them,” Mei wrote.

Not all heroes wear capes.

According to Delish, it was unclear if her Cheeto haul made it through security, but it’s likely that those snacks were fine to fly. It’s not every day that you see a friend who is willing to go toe-to-toe with the TSA just to bring them their favorite junk food. As they say, it ain’t easy bein’ cheesy.