TSA Uncovered Loaded Gun in DVD player at JFK Airport April 18, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of TSA

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport discovered a gun hidden inside a DVD player last week.

On April 13, a man’s checked baggage set off alarms in the security scanner. TSA agents pulled the bag aside and discovered a DVD player inside. They looked closer and “detected a 9 mm handgun wrapped in aluminum foil that was artfully concealed inside the DVD player,” according to an statement from the agency.

The gun was not loaded, TSA said.

TSA Security at JFK Airport
Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Security agents found the owner of the bag waiting at the gate for his flight to Mexico. New York Port Authority removed the man from the gate, arrested him and charged him with weapons violations.

Although this manner of concealment may be highly unusual, finding a concealed weapon in a bag is not uncommon for the TSA. Last year, the agency reported a record-breaking 4,239 firearms found in carry-on bags at checkpoints across the country. The agency averages this out to about 11 firearms found every day.

Earlier this year, a passenger at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport managed to travel with a gun — past TSA — on a Tokyo-bound flight. After realizing he had the gun, the passenger himself alerted the airline that he was carrying a concealed weapon. Some critics blamed the incident on the TSA being short-staffed during January’s government shutdown.