Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, in New York City, will be keeping the name. But apartment buildings on the Upper West Side will not.
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The president-elect's name will be stripped from three New York apartment buildings that bear his branding, following tenant complaints.

Raisa Bruner
Updated December 02, 2016

“Trump Place” will soon be a thing of the past.

Three Manhattan apartment buildings on the Upper West Side are removing the glittering gold titles that announce their association with the president-elect. The luxury high rises on Riverside Boulevard make up over a thousand apartment units—and residents are about to get an address change to make a distinct break between their homes and the real estate magnate who helped fund the complex.

At least 300 building tenants took part in a petition to get rid of the name starting in October, the New York Times reports.

The “Trump Place” moniker was a relic of the development's earlier stages: It has been owned and operated by Equity Residential since 2007. In October, doormen for the buildings were already being fitted for new uniforms to replace ones that included Trump-name branding, the Times reported. Doormats will also get an update. The building name change will go in effect this week.

“The purpose of this change is to assume a neutral building identity that appeals to current and future tenants,” Equity Residential’s senior regional manager Mary Pawlisa wrote in an email to building tenants.

These are not the first Trump-associated properties undergoing a rebranding even as the controversial businessman has ascended politically; new hotels from his brand are planning to operate under the name “Scion.”

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