People in long security line
Credit: Getty Images

It’s now possible to know exactly how long you’re going to spend in airport security lines — before you even get to the airport.

A new update from travel app TripIt monitors the wait at airport security in real-time, allowing travelers to know exactly how long (down to the minute) it will take them to get to their gate.

Although the TSA already publishes estimated wait times at security lines, the numbers aren’t updated regularly and therefore aren’t always reliable.

But TripIt’s new system — developed in partnership with a company called iinside — relies on sensors installed at airport security checkpoints. These sensors send information to TripIt, which is then able to predict a more accurate wait time.

"Wasted time at the airport really adds up — especially for frequent travelers," Jen Moyse, director of product for TripIt from Concur, said in a statement. "This latest addition to TripIt Pro brings us one step closer to our goal of getting you out the door and to your gate as fast as possible.”

Travelers can check current security wait times at different checkpoints throughout the terminal, ensuring that they’re in the fastest-moving lane. The app will also provide information on what time to leave for the airport and how long it will take to walk from security to airport gate.

The feature is currently available for Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Denver International Airport, Orlando International Airport, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. It will continue rolling out to other major airports.

TripIt has a free version of its app but travelers hoping to get this update will have to pay a membership fee of $49 per year.