By Jessica Plautz
April 24, 2018
The north shore in Haena in Kauai.
| Credit: M Swiet Productions/Getty Images

In much of the U.S., frigid winter weather is a very recent memory, but summer is right around the corner — and there's no time to waste in booking your summer vacation.

According to Google, the biggest spike in searches for summer vacation happens in early May. (Note: That's a week away.) From there on out, prices are only likely to rise for popular summer dates and destinations.

Florida and California often hold the top spots among the overall most popular summer destinations (for good reason), but for travelers more interested in exploring, Google has released its list of the top trending destinations for summer 2018.

Three of the top trending domestic destinations are in one of the happiest states in the U.S.: Hawaii. The Hawaiian islands aren't just popular this year — an AARP recent survey found that Hawaii is the number one destination people want to visit before they die.

Here are the hottest summer vacation spots, according to a rise in Google searches.

5. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Late afternoon in the Red Rocks area of Northern New Mexico.
| Credit: Dean Fikar/Getty Images

The southwestern U.S. is a nature-lover's paradise, and even though it can get hot in the summer (remember to hydrate), there are few vacations as iconic as a trip to the national parks in and around New Mexico, Utah and Arizona.

4. Kona, Hawaii

A snorkeler on the Big Island, Hawaii, near Kona.
| Credit: James R. D. Scott/Getty Images

Kona is one of three Hawaiian destinations that made Google's top five.

3. Providence, Rhode Island

Providence was a trending destination on Google, and since Rhode Island is the smallest state, that classic New England Beach is just a few minutes' drive away.
| Credit: SuperStock/Getty Images

The smallest state in the U.S. offers a picture-perfect New England summer vacation.

2. Kahului, Hawaii

Waterfalls along the famous road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii.
| Credit: M Swiet Productions/Getty Images

1. Kauai, Hawaii

The north shore in Haena in Kauai.
| Credit: M Swiet Productions/Getty Images

The top summer spot went to Kauai, Hawaii. Although the island has suffered from recent mudslides, this gorgeous destination is sure to recover quickly.

If you're looking for more ideas, Google has also revealed the top trending international destinations.

June's FIFA World Cup definitely had a hand in getting Russia two spots on the top five trending international destinations. Moscow took the top spot, followed by Da Nang, Vietnam; St. Petersburg, Russia; Zanzibar, Tanzania; and Langkawi, Indonesia.