Travelocity Is Giving Away $10,000 Vacations Based on Your Kids Drawings

Let the kids in the craft room and they might just win you a family vacation.

Does your kid love to draw? You can actually turn their talent into a full-fledged family vacation.

This summer, Travelocity is offering actual trips for the whole family inspired by their kids' drawings.

Just think: That picture on your fridge that your kid drew can actually become a real-life destination, whether they love to draw the Eiffel tower, a boat on the ocean, or a colorful desert at sunset. Even abstract squiggles and lines are fair game for this sweepstakes. However, those might have to be left up to interpretation by the judges. Travelocity states in its contest rules that their team of experts will be judging based on the art's originality, the quality of the submission (which can be fairly subjective), and how well it fits the contest's theme, so the "better" the art, the better your chances for winning an incredible trip.

All your child has to do is let their imagination run wild, and all you have to do is submit their works of art to Travelocity for a chance to win. Once submitted, Travelocity's team of experts will translate what's on the page into a unique vacation for five families, valued at $10,000 each.

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The sweepstakes runs from Monday, June 28, through Friday, July 9 at 1 p.m. ET. All drawings must be an original that was genuinely drawn by your little one and must not contain any inappropriate imagery, according to the official rules. Winners will be announced and notified on July 22 via email.

Even if you don't score an art-inspired trip, Travelocity is offering the first 2,000 entrants a special coupon redeemable via the Travelocity app.

To submit, simply fill out the online form that asks for your general contact information and provides a place to upload an image of your child's artwork.

For more information or to submit, visit the Travelocity Trips by Kids website.

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.

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