Pregnant at the airport
Credit: Getty Images

Rebecca Andrews, a rather ingenious travel writer, is proof that frequent flyers will do just about anything to avoid baggage fees — even fake a pregnancy.

"I have a small frame and decided pretending to be preggo was the most believable route to a successful hack," Andrews told CNN Travel. "But in all seriousness, I think it is the laziest idea I have ever had — a woman's body can create human life, so exploiting this unique ability we have to save myself $60 was just obvious. It's quite an uncreative hack, really."

But not to worry, she took to Instagram to share how she gave herself a baby bump before her Jetstar flight.

The first step in the process, Andrews explained, is to start with a stretchy first layer. This is a crucial step to ensure your belongings stay close to your body and in place. Next, bundle up your heaviest objects inside a sweater or shirt — silk works best, she said — and stuff it inside your tight layer. Then, layer up in skinny jeans, an oversized sweater, and a jacket to hide any little misplaced bumps.

Finally, head off to the airport and hope you don’t get caught. After weighing your bags head to the bathroom and re-pack your luggage.

The technique almost worked out for her too.

However, Andrews told People, she happened to be the very last person to board the flight, which meant “the staff was all paying me attention.”

“Collectively, they weighed my bag, and with smiles gave me the all-clear. But as I walked down the gangway, I dropped my ticket and made a noise. So they all looked at me again,” she said. “As I bent over to pick up the ticket, the shape of my laptop down my back suddenly became apparent.”

Sadly, the jig was up and the staff forced her to pay the baggage fee.

A spokesperson for Jetstar told Fox News, “While we appreciate the creativity, our team [is] pretty wise to all the tricks...most of our customers find it more comfortable to pay a little bit more for an extra 3 kilos [nearly 7 pounds] of carry-on.”

Still, Andrews thought it was a pretty good trick.

"Was I embarrassed? Not at all," Andrews told CNN Travel. "I felt like a badass. A hot pregnant badass."

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